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by salocharly

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The Page-rank Update is Finally Here, This is What I Make From it

Since 4 February 2013 there has not been a page rank update, Yesterday 6 of December webmasters all over the world got a present (or unplesent) surprise when the PR of many sites has been updated. Matt Cutts head of web spam in Google made it clear there will be not PR updates until 2014.

The update came a little fore but what it think is very interesting is the fact that Google seems to have improved the way they identify spam but also the raised the bar for page rank.  I saw it in many clients websites sites that had PR3 have go down and so forward.  I seems now that PR5 is only for really exceptional sites and that P6 and so on will only be fore pages representing big brands with thousands of links.

I for one I am very happy this new update have come, UWOA got PR3 🙂 but also I really think it is important to have the feedback from Google. It can not be left to Moz rank to become the standard that we use to evaluate sites.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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